The MANAGEMENT SUPPORT UNIT at Foulds Ingham Associates. "The missing part of YOUR jigsaw"

Who needs management support?
YOU DO. More accurately, if you are a sole practitioner IP or in a practice with up to 4 other partners and would like to start or increase your trading adminsitartive receiverships and administrations, you need to talk to us.

Why do I need management support?
Businesses make maximum profits when all resources, including personnel, are utilised to their full. This holds true in the insolvency profession just as in any other industry.

Whilst such an ethos is good business it gives the following dilemma for IPs accepting trading instructions, viz, how do I maintain a qualified and experience trading management team ready to go at a moments notice, whilst only paying them when an instruction requires them.

The answer to the dilemma is your own Management Support Unit, able to join you and your team seamlessly, without any downtime overhead at all, just like the final piece of your jigsaw.

What has the Management Support Unit done before?
We are very good in a diverse range of market sectors including multiple-site retail, furniture manufacturing, tool making, transport advertising and curtain/bed linnen manufacturing, to name but a few.

We excell in hotels and leisure facilities of all levels and sizes, from a 600 bed "back-packers" hostel in central London to a Michelen Guide country house hotel in North Yorkshire.

What can the Management Support Unit offer my case?
We concentrate our skills on the day-to-day management of the business under your stewardship. This gives you cost effective knowledge and experience that hitherto you will not have had sufficient access to and leaves your in-house staff to concentrate on the things that they know and do best.

How much will it all cost?
Our fees are by negotiation, based on an hourly rate, however, discounts are given for daily and weekly agreements. An indication of our standard rates is given on our current rate card. We can either bill the job direct, or act as your subcontractor, allowing you to include our time sheets with your own.

How long will the Management Support Unit work on the case?
For as long, or little, as you need cost-effective management support within the trading phase of your instruction.

What safeguards do the Management Support Unit offer?
As well as all of the experience mentioned above, we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance cover in the sum of £500,000 any one claim, with the option to increase, should an instruction require it.

How do I contact the Management Support Unit?
You can telephone Laurence Cohen on 020 8238 5900 for a chat or to make a free appointment to discuss getting into, or expanding your firm's involvement in, this exciting segment of the insolvency profession.

Remember, there is no fee or commitment for this introductory meeting.

What if I don't need the Management Support Unit right now?
No problem; contact us for an introductory meeting anyway, so that when you do need us, usually at short notice, you will know the face at the other end of the telephone. Please bookmark this page and periodically check it for updated information.

For further information on how we may be of assistance to you, please telephone Laurence Cohen on 020 8238 5900.

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