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Welcome to the web site of Foulds Ingham Associates, Business Plans.

Are you hoping to start your own business? Perhaps you want to buy a ready made business, such as a franchise or an existing business from someone about to retire?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are going to need a business plan and if the answer to the question "are you going to need money" is also yes, then you NEED a professionally constructed business plan

There are lots of reasons to have a professionally constructed business plan.

  • You may be going to see your bank manager for a loan.
  • You may want to get members of your family involved in your business.
  • Now is finally the time to start your dream business
  • You have found the perfect franchise opportunity and need to raise capital for your initial investment.
  • You have been pretty successful operating out of your front room, but now is the time to expand.

So, why should you trust FOULDS INGHAM ASSOCIATES with your business plan?

  • We have years of business experience in all market sectors
    • Retail
    • Restaurants and cafés
    • Hotels and leisure
    • Manufacturing
    • Estate agency
    • Travel agency
    • Fancy goods
    • Drug stores
    • Construction and redevelopment
    • Theater and entertainment
    • Conferences and meetings
      • to name just a few
  • We have qualifications to back our experience
    • MBAs
    • Other postgraduate qualifications
    • Chartered practitioners
  • Our Business Plans are bespoke to your needs and your budget, not churned out by a software package
  • They represent value for money in both the short and long term

This is NOT a software package, nor is it a set of templates for you to try and change to match your needs. Business plans hold the key to your successful venture. To find out what a bespoke one includes and how little it will cost, please call us on 020-8238 5900